eso/CRM Application

eso/CRM Application

eso/eCRM Application

The ideal app for companies that have business representatives in the field.


Business representatives are kitted out with tablets or smartphones containing all the data necessary to make their work with customers more effective, such as stock inventories, prices, receivables, order history, etc. To help them to speed up their negotiations, the application provides sales staff with order drafts generated based on the customer’s history and complemented with promoted products or otherwise preferred goods. New orders are directly entered into the system at the customer’s premises. So are different marketing inquiries and claimed complaints.


Once your tablet connects to the Internet, data is shared with your central information system, whether it is eso/es or any other. Thus, both your customer’s information and your sales rep’s business details stay up-to-date at the headquarters in the defined structure (orders, polls, business statistics, business overview and traders’ business results, …).


eso/eCRM helps you to unify and apply your company’s business policy and increases it’s prestige by using modern technology in practice. You can manage and evaluate the activities of your sales staff from the headquarters. The central system offers "ForSelling" technology, ideal for managing business and marketing activities such as tracking direct and indirect orders, preparing and carrying out business monitoring and surveys, assigning and tracking tasks and activities, monitoring the workload of business representatives, and so on.


Outstanding eso/CRM features:

  • Planning, managing and retrospectively assessing the work and marketing activities of sales representatives
  • Suggesting the task diary of the different sales staff
  • Guiding and supporting sales reps through their business meetings
  • Keeping a customer register using different categories
  • Recording direct and indirect orders in standard and fast mode with history
  • Monitoring your own and competing products (rack positions, prices, etc.)
  • Preparing and monitoring business and marketing surveys
  • Generating detailed and cumulative customer statistics immediately
  • Overall information for evaluating sales staff, customer care, marketing monitoring, etc.
  • A plethora of useful tools - calendar, tasks, complaints, opportune “warehouse” of marketing items, ...
  • Central parameter management and fast synchronisation of your mobile devices with your central information system
  • Clear and intuitive work environment.


Advantages of eso/CRM:

  • Increased productivity resulting in better business results
  • Unified business policy
  • Accurate and faster record of business activities and their results
  • Reduced company administration
  • Minimum amount of human errors.


The app runs on Android devices.