Company Profile

HT Solution is a Slovak IT company developing, commercializing, implementing and supporting its own product The information systems eso/es (eso/enterprise solution).


The company came into being in 2006 when the eso/es project at Siemens branched out on its own. However, it counts over 25 years of experience developing and implementing eso/es (firstly named ESO/400), initially in the frame of a major Slovak enterprise, later within an international corporation.


HT Solution is seated in Bratislava and also has a development site in Dolny Kubin.


At HT Solution top developers and consultants form a remarkably stable team which not only has years of experience carrying out numerous projects, but which is fully aware of the importance of continually strengthening and improving the professionalism and knowhow of each single member.


HT Solution products are state-of-the-art. As constant improvement to our products has always been a top priority, now we can pride ourselves not only on excellent references by major international companies but, most importantly, on the use of reliable and powerful world-class technology, such as Cloud Computing and virtualization, as well as on solutions that allow choosing the language and legal regulations that apply for each one of your subsidiaries, making cooperation among them as easy as it gets.


Helping customers increase their "Company IQ" is at the heart of our ambition. Therefore, when implementing eso/es, we focus on optimizing your Stock and Warehouse Management (WMS), Production Planning Methods (MRP, CRP, Kanban, Supermarket), manažérske dashboardy sú vždy témami pri zavádzaní informačných systémov eso/es. Výsledkom je štíhla výroba, vyššia produktivita práce. Kvalitnejšie podklady pre riadenie podniku poskytuje analytický nástroj eso/Discovery postavený na veľmi výkonnej in memory technológii.


At HT Solution, we are flexible and customer oriented. Every project and customer is approached individually in order to really meet their specific needs. Customer satisfaction is, indeed, a major concern at HT Solution. Have a look at our very interesting portfolio of highly satisfied customers.