Your business can be in the cloud within 8 hours

Your business can be in the cloud within 8 hours

eso/es in Cloud

A multinational group consisting of eight different companies in six European countries that produce 100,000 tons of paper a year and have an annual turnover of EUR 120 million, the SHP Group is among the three largest producers of sanitary paper in Central and Southeastern Europe.


For over 20 years, around five hundred SHP staff in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been using eso/es, the company’s ERP system, which has become one of the company’s key factors for success as it optimises inventory, calculates buffer stock using sophisticated algorithms, and plans production by means of cutting-edge methods.


Within just eight hours the SHP Group moved its eso/es to TelekomCloud, in which it has worked reliably ever since.


Michal Halgaš, IT Manager at SHP Group, commented on the solution: “Our hardware infrastructure could no longer cope with our users’ growing demands. We decided not to invest in new equipment but, instead, to use the services of a data centre as this turned out to be a more economical and convenient solution. The transfer of the data and the applications was carried out easily in just a few hours. The system is now faster and perfectly stable, something our users are really happy about.”


Jan Adamec, Managing Director of ICT and Slovak Telekom’s Corporate Segment added, “We appreciate the confidence SHP put in us and are very pleased to see that the data migration, as well as both the pilot operation and the actual commercial operation have proved that TelekomCloud is a professional solution suitable even for the most demanding business applications. TelekomCloud for SHP is the first project in which Slovak Telekom Cloud serves not only users in Slovakia but also in four other countries.”


Enhancing your information system no longer means additional investments. Half of HT Solution’s new customers prefer to work in the Cloud. Instead of investing in new infrastructure, you can just rent it. This service is provided in cooperation with two partners, namely:



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