Decision-Making Tools

Decision-Making Tools

Decision-Making Tools

Your eso/es information system has sophisticated data analysis tools, which are arranged hierarchically to be used at all levels, from regular users up to top managers.


Ad Hoc Query Tools

In eso / es, you can quickly and intuitively obtain basic information (totals, amounts, as well as maximum, minimum, and average values) for the selected rows of any numeric column in every list. The rows can be selected using fast standard and customised filters. These filters can be saved to be used for further searches. Users will probably manage most of their regular system work using just this tool.


Report Generator

This eso/es app offers you hundreds of standard reports (lists) for every area. You can specify your own selection and sorting conditions, add and remove columns, define subtotals and column styles, and a lot more. The resulting report can be modified and saved to be used by a user, a group, or the whole company. The best about Generator Report is that it can compare any numerical data by intuitively assigned periods (years, months, quarters, weeks, or days).



In a single window, your Dashboard displays all the essential information from the different areas in the form of a list, a graph, and an indicator (a speedometer). Alerts will appear when a predefined condition occurs. The Dashboard can appear right after logging into the system, or it can form part of the application’s desktop. One user can have several Dashboards.


BI eso/Discovery

This analytical tool for management and business, which is connected to eso/es using powerful in-memory technology, offers you fast, intuitive, and immediately available pre-defined TOP 5 (10, 30) BOTTOM 5 (10, 30), ABC analysis, Timeline and Compare views.