Business analyses with eso/Discovery

Business analyses with eso/Discovery

With your eso/Discovery you can do practically any type of business analyses and display all of your company’s data available in your information system. A Business Intelligence (BI) solution, it is suitable for all management levels.


Your eso/Discovery data is displayed in three different forms: as a list, as an aggregate list and as a graph, all of them mutually synchronised. For example, when you select an area from the chart or create a list, the other components react at once. Sorting, choosing and filtering data intuitively as well as getting more details throughout the system is a matter of course.


You have fast filters, date buttons and a “search” field at the top of the screen. Besides your own individual views - which you have defined to meet your specific needs - you have other standard options such as TOP 5 (10, 30), BOTTOM 5 (10, 30), ABC Analysis, Timeline, and Compare, which allows you to compare data for different periods.


You can design your own views and save them for you or a group of users to view or edit later on. Charts can easily be exported into presentations and figures into Excel.


eso/Discovery is an intuitive tool that requires virtually no training and is ready to run right after it is installed.


Your data is stored using unique high-speed in-memory technology -  which is many times faster than OLAP databases while taking just 10% of their memory. Your data in eso/discovery is connected with your eso/es information system, so no interface between your ERP and your BI is needed.